Expired Listing? Now What?


You had your house up for sale already, maybe even more than once? Showings were slim and if any offers were received they weren’t acceptable. You still want to sell but you are left wondering if that is possible.

Before you throw up your hands and throw in the towel, let’s look at a few things that may help change your perspective as well as restore your hope to sell this year.

Most of the time when a house doesn’t sell within a certain time frame, price reductions are the knee jerk reaction. There are actually times when the home was priced too low for the market and neighborhood which made everyone wonder “What’s wrong with that house?”

It may be you did have it priced incorrectly. If that is the case, a clear picture of the current market will give you a clear picture of where your perfect selling price will be found.

All kinds of people live in all kinds of neighborhoods. Everyone is looking for different amenities, features and proximity to shopping or the country or suburbia or whatever lifestyle works best for them. Some people prize walkability while others want the open country.

It may be that the last marketing plan simply didn’t reach those truly interested buyers with news of your house for sale! It happens. A two bedroom bungalow with no yard won’t work for everyone and a three story with 6 bedrooms isn’t needed by everyone.

Every challenge is an opportunity for accomplishment waiting to be discovered. A fresh pair of eyes could be exactly what’s needed for you to see how to successfully overcome your expired listing status.

-Professional photos are invaluable to entice potential buyers to physically come look at your property for sale
-Carefully staged rooms expose hidden potential in the living spaces that aren’t so apparent on a quick walk through
-Clean, de-personalized rooms and almost empty closets and cabinets appeal to the buyers need to find room for their own things and help them envision the house as their home

A five minute walk through with an agent such as myself, who is familiar with your market area may be just the ticket to getting you off that expired list and onto your next adventure!