Florida Irma Relief Tips


If you own a home in a declared disaster (we are a declared disaster area) area here is a helpful note:

There are discussions floating around regarding the postponement of mortgage payments. Please call your loan service provider to verify as they
are all different. 😉

Key Fannie Mae points: 👇

1. There is the ability to postpone for up to 90 days. Some providers may require an adjuster to come out and verify damage and others may not. There may also be additional forbearance period for up to 12 months at the discretion of the loan service provider. However, this is not a cancellation so the amount is tacked on to either the end of the mortgage or the end of the forbearance period. ✔️

2. Loan service providers must suspend foreclosure and other legal proceedings if the servicer believes homeowner is impacted by a disaster. ✔️

If you are a homeowner and have any other questions, feel free to call me at 813 995 7160 or