Inventory of existing homes for sale has been dwindling as sales are happening swiftly and buyer demand continues strong. Even in this market, it would be a mistake for a home seller to take for granted that their home will sell for top dollar without any effort on their part.

The first quarter of the New Year is historically when sales take a downturn, but the high buyer demand is creating a brisk marketplace and this is a great time to sell a home. Even so, it is still important to prepare your property to achieve a successful sale.

Put on the Buyers hat and consider what they are seeking in order to position your property to sell fast!

- That first glimpse and unmistakable first impression will be the first online photo presented to potential buyers. This determines what impact the rest of the listing photos and information will have. This is the instant the decision forms whether or not to schedule an in-person showing
- What will they see the moment they pull up in front of the house? Yes, the view from the curb is a deciding factor, make certain it says "Welcome Home!"
- Cleanliness is the quickest way to a sale. The visual appeal of each room, closet, cabinet, surface and fixture will all combine to sway a buyer to call your house home – or not!
- A Buyer will almost always estimate the cost of repairs that need to be done, and affects the price they will offer. If you know there are items on the repair To Do list, complete these prior to going on the market

Each marketplace brings certain buyer expectations of what constitutes that perfect property to call home. By putting yourself in the mindset of your potential buyer you position your property to meet those expectations. Your *real estate market expert* has the inside information you need to know in order to appeal and inspire a looker to become your buyer!