When you purchase a house, a lot of information is exchanged. You’re told every minute detail about the monthly payment. How much it will be. What the payment covers. When it is due. What the extra cost will be if paid after that date.

You may be told what to expect concerning maintenance and upkeep and what it may cost. There are a ton of articles written about these types of things and posted to the internet.

If you are like us, you’ve probably read quite a few of them!

How equity would be our friend and what we might expect in terms of equity growth over the years. (Depending of course, on the health and well being of the economy, our housing market and our own ability to meet our mortgage
obligations in a timely manner!)

We even read a few articles about how ownership would connect us to the community, how much we might like our neighbors (or not!) and how owning would help us build financial wealth and security in the long term.

We even knew we would appreciate the freedom of home ownership – how in spite of a mortgage (which we were paying anyway when paying rent) we would be freer than in a rental to decorate, arrange and even remodel our space
to suit our changing lifestyle as our family unit grew or shrank as the case may be.

We had access to information about school districts, city parks, local events and activities – all the community websites were made available to us to explore and consider.

What we didn’t know, the thing that took us by surprise was that the most important things about buying our home wouldn’t be the most important things about owning a home. The most important things were these wonderful surprises we discovered over the years:

- How dear the neighbors would become – and how they would then become family who looked after us even as we looked after them
- How dear those scuff marks and slightly damaged areas of our beautiful home, those dings and nicks that caused such a fuss at first, would end up vital parts of our fondest and sweetest memories of life in the home we were creating
- How dear the annual community events, that we first watched from a distance, then got involved with and eventually became a familiar part of would become such a precious part of our lives and family history

A HOUSE – it starts as a place where the adventure begins and grows into a HOME! *Find your forever home today!*