Ways to Inspire POTENTIAL not easily seen by a Buyer


Most of the tips for preparing a home for sale have worked so well they’ve become industry standards that almost everyone already knows all about.

Deep clean

Every house reflects the personal taste and style of those who live there, but once the decision to sell is made, you need to make sure your house will appeal to the widest section of styles and tastes represented by potential buyers.

In your favor is the fact that after a buyer has toured a few homes there is a tendency to forget those that didn’t have a unique feature that caused the home to stand out. Especially if you live in a subdivision where each house is essentially the same layout, you can inspire a buyer with a grand impression of your home! Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

Define any unusual spaces that exist; an alcove or odd corner can present design challenges and a buyer might be uncertain how they can utilize it. Use suggestive staging to spark their imagination as they tour your home

- Create a functional entry; especially if the front door opens directly into an existing definitive living space. Carve out a specific place to kick off your shoes, hang up hats, purses, keys, and store your sunglasses
– all those items one tends to drop when they first walk in the door and waste time later looking for

Another area that is often overlooked are windows; specifically the view from them as well as the treatments that adorn them.

- Remove any treatments you will be taking with you. Then create pretty frames by adorning the windows with simple, inexpensive curtain panels that remain with the house
- Add a decorated window box to several front windows, a flower covered trellis or potted plants to create an attractive view. This adds to the curb appeal at the same time

Are there potential improvements you had thought about but hadn’t gotten around to? Potential of a finished basement, adding a patio or deck or other changes or additions that could be done to a home may be good selling points. Unfortunately, you can’t add the price of potential into your selling price. What you can do is take advantage of these opportunities and “sell” the potential by highlighting possibilities with pictures that help
a buyer see what could be:

• Post pictures, blueprints and ideas for patio or deck installations
• Put up an attractive picture showing French doors vs sliders
• Find a picture of a similar space to yours that has an open concept vs doorways

By sparking the imagination of those viewing your home it can easily be the first choice and the fastest sale in the neighborhood. For more great marketing tips contact your *local real estate expert* for how to put it all together into a plan that will sell your home!